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Dental Implants

Dental Implants in San Mateo

For those missing or failing teeth, dental implant treatment offers a complete and secure path to restoring your smile. Not only does this procedure present a comprehensive solution, it supports healthy function moving forward. Those who opt for removable restorations benefit from improved aesthetics, but ultimately leave their jaw vulnerable to deterioration.
Dr. May Dini, Dr. Mohammad Zarrinnegar, and our dedicated staff provide our patients quality dental implants in San Mateo and to surrounding neighborhoods. If you would like to learn more about this advantageous treatment option, set up a consultation today!

Extensive Training and Education

Our dentists value continuing their education. Whenever possible, Drs. Dini and Zarrinnegar take every opportunity to learn about new trends and techniques in the industry. Because dental implants are becoming such a popular and effective part of restorative dentistry, learning and perfecting the process allows us to offer this important service from our office.
Part of our training and education involves determining who is a good candidate for dental implants. This procedure is beneficial for patients who have jaw tissues strong enough to support the implant post securely. For those who do not meet these qualifications, bone grafting can be performed to bolster the jaw enough for proper osseointegration.

Describing the Procedure

The dental implant procedure involves surgically positioning a titanium post into the jaw to create a stable base for secure restorations. The post not only prevents prosthetics from slipping or shifting around in your mouth, they stimulate the jaw to help maintain structure and vitality. Our implant posts are made from biocompatible titanium, a durable material that is not harmful to your oral or overall health. Once post-procedure healing is complete, we add a zirconia abutment, which helps secure your crown, bridge, or dentures to the post, restoring full bite function. 

Deciding on the Best Course of Treatment

Together, you and our team discuss the teeth replacement options best suited to your needs. Whether you recently had teeth removed, or you have spent years dealing with traditional bridges, dentures, or partials, dental implants represent the safest and longest-lasting restoration option available.
The ideal dental implant candidate is interested in a permanent solution for their missing teeth. For those who have weakened jaw structures, or their extraction procedure proves to be significantly more complex, we enlist the help of a trusted specialist.

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If tooth loss hindering your confidence, there are solutions that help support function, beauty, and most importantly, jaw health. At our San Mateo dental practice, Dr. Dini and Dr. Zarrinnegar’s commitment, training, and education make us a great choice for dental implants in San Mateo. We also serve the nearby communities of Brewer, Hillsborough Heights, and Shoreview. Call today to set up an appointment!

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